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The Mises Caucus, A Path Back to Fundamentals

The Libertarian movement continues to grow and expand throughout the Country. The party at this time still faces a strong uphill battle. While the Libertarian Party (LP) has expanded in registrations, its registrations are still below 1% of the amount of people registering in the duopoly and make up around 7% of the total voting public. The shenanigans of 2016 helped to foster a slight increase in registrations and registrations greatly increased in 2020. This growth is slow and low in comparison to the increases taken by Democrats and Republicans. Despite the struggles the LP has had in increasing its registrations, there are some opportunities for the LP to create growth and change. Change that would allow the LP to be more than just a messaging platform.

The divisiveness escalated between the two leading parties in 2016 and again in 2020. Both elections were not one of plans for governance, war, economic security, trade, or anything else that that the State ought to be focused on. These elections were about name calling, insults, authoritarian behaviors, social control, and just about every excuse that you could name that would keep your focus off of an expanding war machine, corporate fascism, and a State with a compulsive shopping addiction. There were no concrete objectives or measurement for these cultural arguments except for complete compliance in repeating whatever message the adherents to each political party wanted repeated for personal and party goals. Failure to repeat the social mantras of each party would result in public shaming, sometimes by politicians themselves.

This failure by politicians abdicating their responsibilities to the security and economic health of the Country has left a bad taste in peoples mouths. Many people seem to be looking for a way out or another path. They are burnt out on the social manipulation of the State and tired of the taste of donkey and elephant. That leaves a wonderful crop to be examined and cared for, a crop of individuals that would increase the bounty of the LP and help to drive us towards action.

The LP has not been insulated to the social propaganda of the State and its cohorts. This has allowed a level of both right and left Socialist agitation to rise in the party. Members making arguments for the State to increase taxes, create more social programs, continue wars, and other heinous State objectives that are counter to freedom. This agitation has grown as the party has expanded, most likely due to fears in the duopoly that change is stirring. The LP welcomes all, but that doesn’t mean that all ideas and members are Libertarian or freedom promoting. Merely calling yourself a Libertarian, does not mean you want individual freedoms for all, it just means that you have given yourself a title. Action, principles, and consistency in individual freedoms are the path of liberty.

There is one group that has been working to bring the LP back to its fundamental nature. To remove the chaff from the wheat and stick to the foundational objectives of Libertarianism. The Libertarian Party Mises Caucus (LPMC) is the necessary movement needed to reign the party back in, and to open the gates to disenfranchised Americans. The LPMC is a caucus focused on decentralization, the return of a freedom from Federalism. There are 8 basic tenets that the LPMC is focused on; Property Rights, Economics, Money, Decentralization, War, Lifestyle Choices, Identity Politics, and Omissions. The last 3 items may seem like outliers to most Libertarians, and some dissection of these tenets is important.

Lifestyle choice, the LPMC takes no stance on lifestyle choice with the exception that it must not trample on the property rights of others. Not just physical property but bodily property as well. There should be no point that the State is dictating your personal autonomy to make choices about your life. The State should not be dictating what you put in your body or refuse to put in your body. The State should not dictate what is going on in the bedroom between consenting adults. The State should not dictate how you would like to modify your body. The State should not dictate what labor may or may not be performed with your body.

Identity Politics, the LPMC is strongly opposed to the notion of identity politics. Identity politics are a collectivist notion used as a means of control and separation. By categorizing people into groups and pitting them against each other, the State is able to more easily control the population. Lumping all people into categorical boxes due to immutable traits is the complete antithesis of individual freedom, it strives to turn people from individuals into avatars of some monolithic faceless group based on phenotype. Attaching all of the wrongdoings of anyone that shares that trait with the entirety of the group.

Omissions, the LPMC wants to remain focused on the primary objectives of money/currency, ending war, decentralization, sound economics, and property rights. Silence about the social agitations brought on by the State, corporations, and special interest groups are not acceptance or rejection of any idea or concept. Not having an immediate response to State policy isnt an acceptance or rejection of that policy. The LPMC is focused on the fundamentals and a back to basics approach to regaining our freedom. Through this approach, the LPMC is able to appeal to a much broader sect of disenfranchised American.

The remaining fundamentals are the foundational priorities that set Libertarianism apart from other political parties. They have strong appeal, and need to be the focus of Libertarian discussion, especially with others that are not part of the party. With individual freedom, there is something for everyone, that something being freedom. The primary focus being on property rights. Self ownership, self determination, and ownership of your property is key to being free.

The LPMC completely rejects the bureaucratic machine of Socialism in favor of individual cooperation and voluntary action. Aggression towards people and property is deeply condemned. The LPMC itself states that it advocates for non-corporatist privatization wherever possible. While corporations are merely businesses with a large shared ownership, the crony corporations of the State are the immediate groups that the LPMC would like to shy away from when privatizing elements of the State. Corporations that have received State welfare and privileges of the State are most obviously just a vehicle of the State meant to enrich a minority within the bureaucracy and top tiers of these corporations.

Economics, the LPMC takes a foundational Austrian approach to economics. Focused on behavioral actions and choices of people over the faceless models, never ending consumption, State intervention and wonky math seen in the Keynesian tradition. Keynesianism has allowed the State a curtain to hide behind while debasing currency and increasing market intervention that disrupts the economy. The LPMC maintains the stance of Dr. Paul in eliminating the federal reserve.

War, the LPMC is anti-war. The imperialism of the State must end, all troops must be brought home, and the States violent intervention in others lives abroad must end. Freedom is something all peoples should have despite any geographic boundary. Trade between nations should be dealt with on an individualistic level without State intervention. Taxes should not be used to fund private security for the privileged, and they definitely shouldn't be used to fund death. Legitimate defensive measures are the only time that a level of aggression should be taken upon another individual.

Money, the LPMC is a driver of currency competition and sound money. The State should not be in the market of issuing currencies and demanding what currency may be used between consenting adults. The only reason the State is involved in currency creation is to make the theft of currency easier on the State, allowing it to take tax off the backend by debasing the currency and diluting its buying power via the printing press and policy. Banks should not be in league with the State and the people should be the only ones choosing what currency and in what form they would like to trade in. The State should have no involvement whatsoever in currency, money, or the usage of money as a commodity.

Decentralization, individual rights are the primary foundation of Libertarianism. The self determination of the individual should allow freedom to participate or not participate in any State activity. The LPMC has no qualms regarding secession, nullification, localism, or any other way that an individual chooses to for their governance or lack thereof. There is nothing wrong with governance or a competition of governance between localities, having localized governance is not the same as the State and a respect of property rights ought to allow any individual the option to opt out.

In closing, the LPMC is walking away from the talking points that drive division and distraction from freedom. Not just freedom, but everyones freedom. The focus is on the individual, and by focusing on the individual the focus is on all. As any group is comprised of individuals, ensuring that all individuals are free ensures that all people are free.

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