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Banking Doesn't Care About Your Finances.

Last Monday the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve released additional information about the current reserve requirements for depository institutions. The reserve requirements where set to zero in March of this year. Mondays remarks serve as a final lock on this requirement. This means banks no longer are required to hold funds that would protect customers accounts in the case of a bank run.

For all net transaction accounts in 2021, the reserve requirement ratio was set to zero percent in March 2020; therefore, all net transaction accounts are exempt from reserve requirements.

In this case of reserves no longer being a requirement, increases to the m1 money supply will take place through increased bank liquidity. Since the end of the 2008 financial crisis, the money supply has increased by 285%. Increases in money supply greatly reduce buying power of the dollar through dilution. These increases create a psuedo-tax on savings and lead to price increases and other inflationary issues.

The Federal reserve seems intent on doing everything in their power to print money as fast as possible going so far as to create policy within the CARES Act allowing the Federal reserve to purchase an unlimited amount of State debt while also allowing the State to create an unlimited amount of debt. The lines between fiscal policy and monetary policy are almost non-existent with the Treasury preparing to be run by a former Federal reserve Chairwoman. The Executive branch has done their part along with congress to continue printing money in the form of “economic rescue” which in the long run will be anything but a rescue.

The only winner here will be the State, where printing money allows them to continue their spending malinvestment with a higher buying power of the dollar for themselves and their cohorts while the serfs receive the lowest amount of buying power and the highest increased prices.

Our savings are being destroyed and the quality of our lives is being completely wrecked by the State. From seizing the means of production and showing the world that the State can shut down a business at anytime for any reason, to showing that they own labor means and can dictate the autonomy of every citizen in the US, the State has made it clear that Socialism and central planning are now the norm for Americans.

There is no greater enemy to your freedom both financially and physically than the State.

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